• Coyote Cordon Bleu - Giclee - 11"x22" by Robert Shields

Not all coyotes are scavengers.  Some have very educated palates.  It all depends on the pack that you came from.  These coyotes chefs are in a procession on their way to a major full moon feast.  Their cuisine is the most anxiously awaited…especially by them.  Unfortunately, by the time they got there it disappeared.  The rabbit sprang out of the basket into a rabbit hole and the chicken flew up a tree.  The two fish jumped in a lake and the only things left were the cake, the wine, the cheese and one egg.  By the time they got to the feast they were flying three sheets to the wind, full of sugar and cheese and empty-handed except for one egg… and that won’t feed 10 packs of hungry coyotes.   The other coyotes were so furious they chased the coyote trickster chefs out of town.

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Coyote Cordon Bleu - Giclee - 11"x22" by Robert Shields

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