• The Rainmaker  - Giclee - 16"x16" by Robert Shields

Water is essential to all forms of life, and is very revered in the deserts of the Southwest. The life-giving warmth and light of the sun, when not tempered with moisture, can become harsh, and the need for precipitation great. Dry forests are also ripe kindling for a careless match or unguarded campfire and can burn out of control in a matter of moments. The role of the shaman and medicine man are vital, as they are often called on to perform traditional ceremonies to make it rain during dry times. These mystical rainmakers have been called from the four corners to convene at this sacred gathering, bringing drizzles and downpour and everything in between to the thirsty desert land.

The Rainmaker - Giclee actually has tiny, tiny glass bead-type granules that are glue on individually. They give a dramatic and stunning visual of it raining under certain light. It's quite embellished. Robert Shields put a lot of whites and metallics to make it pop more. Rainmaker continues to be one of his most successful Southwest creations. It works so well with just about any inside decor.

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The Rainmaker - Giclee - 16"x16" by Robert Shields

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