Robert Creations

Robert Shields is a one-man creative machine who has spent his life sharing his sense of energy, awe, and wonder with people all over the world.

After graduating from school at North Hollywood High, Shields left for Canada to join a traveling circus as Robbie the Robot. Discovered by Marcel Marceau at the age of eighteen, he was offered a full scholarship at Marceau's school in Paris. His apprenticeship was short-lived as he felt the need to develop his own style and pry mime loose from its artsy pedestal.

Robert chose San Francisco as his outdoor stage and for seven years used his wit, sensitivity, imagination, and agility to fascinate his audience. As San Francisco's main tourist attraction at the young age of 19, his talents led him to a television show as half of the famous duo, Shields and Yarnell. Shields and Yarnell also won the Las Vegas Entertainers of the Year award two years in a row and together appeared on over 400 national television shows.

Robert Shields' original scripted television special Toys on the Town earned Shields and Yarnell an Emmy. Shields is credited for being the originator of the Robot. The long awaited Documentary of his life "Robert Shields: My Life as a Robot” just premiered at the Sedona International Film Festival in 2024 and WON the Audience Choice for BEST OF FEST Documentary and the Prestigious Marion Herrman EXCELLENCE IN FILMMAKING Award! The 87 minute Feature Documentary will be in Festivals all around the country! See if it’s coming to your town at

Transitioning between creative mime to a creative jeweler, sculptor, and painter was a natural progression for Robert. His fascination with design, color, texture, and form leads to sublime and captivating one of kind pieces of art. The result of his constant pursuit of fresh and exciting concepts have rendered his work exceptional and collectible.

Robert Shields now resides in the Verde Valley, Arizona where he continues to sculpt, paint, design jewelry, and write comedy.